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Griselda Duch - Another Place In time

Griselda Duch - Another Place In time

Barcelona based photographer Griselda Duch’s imagery addresses the landscape, still life and architecture. In her own words she says “Searching for the unstable presence of the beauty, my photography conveys a nostalgic and delicate atmosphere, somehow mysterious. Applying a strong sensibility to light and color, my style has developed in cinematic narrative imagery led by a particular aesthetic. “

“Another Place in Time”  is a body of work that aims to portray the mediterranean’s aesthetic through photographs taken in Barcelona’s Coast and around the mediterranean region of Costa Brava.


F&A: What do you hope the viewer takes away from your photographs?

GD: I absolutely hope to convey an emotion, to transmit a message. I believe there is a magic thing in photography which is there is always a message behind it. And even though photography allows us to preserve a moment for a vast period of time, I want to make a stronger connection with the viewer. I need the viewer to perceive, to understand, and somehow to feel when they look at my images; got they thinking for a little bit.


F&A: Did you study photography or are you self taught?

GD: I did a graduate degree in Tourism some years ago, and being through the Arts & Culture fields, I started to focus my interests in photography. Realising photography is a passion I always carried inside, I can absolutely say I am a self taught photographer, making it on my own. 

F&A: Which artists/photographers inspire you?

GD: I am truly fascinated by LA 60’s-70’s American colour photography’s aesthetic. To mention some of my inspirations would be photographers Stephen Shore, Joel Meyerowitz, William Eggleston, and by many more photographers, and a branch of young people who are doing great stuff.

F&A: What camera do you use and why?

GD: I normally use a Nikon but I like to try out different cameras too. I usually shoot digital photos, mostly because of the agility of the process. I think digital is a really practical and comfortable way to know perfectly whats going on and to correct things in the moment. Although, I am planning to get myself a film camera.

You can also see Griselda’s work here:


Instagram: @griseldaduch

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