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Kristel Collison - Edgelines and Spectral Points

Kristel Collison - Edgelines and Spectral Points

The series is titled Edgelines and Spectral Points and was made in two disused limestone quarries a short distance from the artists home. The quarried environment reflects a convergence of geological and human archeology and is a reminder of how humanity and industry has continuously erased, overwritten and transformed both the visible and invisible landscape. The images are intended as a portal between the past and present and the hidden and indecipherable.

Kristel Collison is a landscape photographer living in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. After graduating from Glasgow School of Art a number of years ago she worked in the NHS for a long period and only started making images again in the last two years. Since then her work has been included in six exhibitions and four of the  polaroids from this series are currently being shown in the A Case For Place Summer Open  at Gallery Steel Rooms, Brigg, North Lincolnshire.

"Journeys rarely begin where you think they do and mine perhaps began with the walks I made with my grandfather. Together we would navigate paths and byways looking for barely discernible traces and waymarkers. Sometimes we’d tread in the footsteps of others and other times we’d forge our own paths. Our walks to nowhere in particular, the wrong turnings, pauses and digressions still shape my life today. I feel more comfortable outdoors and the words of John Muir, “going out I found  I was really going in” are particularly resonant to my photographic practice."


"For me walking  is a meditative  act and a way of calming my senses and connecting the past and the present. I’m drawn to fragile,neglected and often unremarkable or unexceptional places and will repeatedly revisit  the same  locations  to get to know them in detail. Within the familiar it's still possible to get lost."


"Making a series of  photographs allows me to articulate my response to a place and add my own layers, stories and memories to what is already there.

I started using an Instax camera as an antidote to digital photography. I enjoyed  using this unpretentious camera and my walks became more about looking and responding to a place as there was little technology to distract or worry me. There’s a sense of chance and unpredictability in the outcome and making an image with instant film creates sense of occasion and a pause for contemplation and reflection."


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