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Huis Clos - Kathleen Meier

Huis Clos - Kathleen Meier

When French photographer, Kathleen Meier, reached out to us about showcasing her series 'Huis Clos' we fell in love straightaway. We are delighted to share the series with our readers. 


" My work is always about psychology. I explore how we react face to situation that everybody can know. For Huis Clos, you never see the exterior, you are out of touch with reality. You evolve in a sort of maze that lost you in your imagination. I wanted to show that confinement and isolation is something that lead us slowly to mental illness. And if you think about our society, this is a condition that a lot of people know.  
I also want that people who see my photographs can have there own interpretation. I play with the feeling’s viewer and as everybody is different, everybody have different reactions face to the same photo or body of work. This is very interesting to study."


F&A: When did you start taking photographs?

KM: When I was 12 my grandfather offered me my first camera, then I spent hours taking photographs of everything. Later I studied photography in an art school where I found my way with this medium and at the same time I discover a lot of movies and artworks that inspire me a lot.


F&A: What camera do you use and why?

KM: For the moment I shoot with a basic DSLR, this is not the best one but I know to what point I can push it and this is very important because I never use a tripod, even though I always shoot during the night or in dark places. As I am not sure of the places I am photographing in I want to be quick.


F&A: Who or what inspires you the most?

KM: People inspire me the most. It is our psychology that interests me: how we react to situations, our feelings and how we can each be very different and very much the same sometimes. I like to explore this in my photographs. I permit myself to understand how we work. Yet when I made portraits, I like to erase the personalities and the feelings, my characters are neutral and as if they are lost in places.

F&A: What does creativity mean to you?

KM: Creativity is everything for me. It is the way we are able to bring something to the other. Everybody is creative in they're own way and this is how we see our world. 

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