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New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

It's that time again; when we look back at the year that has past and begin to make plans for the year ahead of us. A time for contemplation, soul searching and sometimes sadness. I'm not usually one for New Years Resolutions, but this year I feel a little differently about them, less cynical.  So here we go....

1. Make time for Me

Sometimes I feel as if I am losing touch with who I am, I work full time and so have less time for all of the other things I enjoy. I'm often tired after work and at weekends and forget to take time for myself. I want to make time for small things like pampering myself: long baths, moisturising my entire body, cheap Superdrug face masks... I want to paint my nails more regularly and set aside the time to take it off properly when it's chipped. 

In recent months I have made less and less time for being active, I used to do Pilates regularly, only with YouTube but it still gave me a stretch and made me feel good, even when it killed. This might get easier as the days grow longer, but eating well and making time to move my body will make me feel good.

2. Rediscover my creativity

Another thing that I have let slide is creating, I used to take more photographs, try to create projects and collage.  I want to rediscover painting and drawing and especially collaging. I want to invest in sourcing materials and let my mind wander while i create.

I'm going to pick up cameras that have been forgotten in drawers and start shooting what is around me, finding the beauty in what is right in front of me.

3. Save

I've been learning to drive and it has made it harder to save over the past few months. I want to pass my test soon and start saving properly again. Save for my future and all that adulating I have waiting for me, but also for travel and new experiences. 

4. Get outside

Work and winter make it harder to get outdoors, I want to set aside the time to explore the woodlands on my doorstep more, to make a day out free by simply walking and experiencing the landscape. I'm looking forward to spring and seeing everything start to bloom again. 

5. Rekindle friendships

Use money saved to reconnect and travel to friends who no longer live nearby, remember to send that text or make that phone call, write letters and make memories.

Words and images by Jasmine Farram


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