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Q&A with... Charlotte Elkins

Q&A with... Charlotte Elkins

F&A: Hi Charlotte! Tell us a bit about yourself.

CE: My name is Charlotte; I am 22 years old and I have recently graduated from Bath Spa University with a degree in photography. Not only do I love to photograph the landscape and close ups, such as plants and objects, but I also enjoy travelling, binge watching TV shows and learning something new. 


F&A: What is your series 'Life Behind The Reflection' about?

CE: Life Behind the Reflection is a discovery about my own relationship with water. Through the years of studying art and photography I have always based my projects around water, whether it is in the background or the main subject. Upon realising this, I began to photograph the smaller details lying above and underneath the surface layer. I began to learn about water as an element and was inspired learning just how much we rely on the element to live. 

Transforming the photographs into etchings show a timeless feel of the photographs transforming them to be apart of both the past and present. 


F&A: You've just graduated, what's next for you?

CE: As well as starting my career in the retouching industry I want to continue taking photographs of water, whether it is a photograph or a photo etching.

F&A: What camera do you use and why?

CE: I currently use a Canon EOS 600D, I have had this lens since my first year of college. My favourite lens to use is a 60mm macro lens; this is the one I used for this project.

F&A: Are there any artists/photographers that particularly inspire you?

CE: Gregory Crewdson is one who I have always loved to look at. His use of dramatic staging and lighting makes his photographs seem to be a still from a film scene and I find it captivating; my favourite from him is 'Ophelia'.


F&A: What is creativity to you?

CE: Creativity is when an event or an object inspires you and makes you feel the need to express how you feel about it. No matter if it's photography, drawings, graphics or creative writing you get a gut feeling to show the world your thoughts. 

F&A: Can you recommend a good book?

CE: I am currently reading a series of books by Lanini Taylor, the first one called ‘Daughter of Smoke of Bone’. It’s a good si-fi/fantasy series about a girl who has been hidden from a war happening between Demons and Angels in another dimension.


F&A: What is your ultimate comfort food?

CE: Percy Pigs all the way!

F&A: What's your spirit animal?

CE: I would say a cat; they are my favourite animal and I have been told by numerous people I tend to act like one, especially when I am tired.  

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