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Q&A With...Rozslin Velez

Q&A With...Rozslin Velez

F&A: Tell us a bit about yourself?

RV: My name is Rozslin Velez and I am an artist.  Growing up we moved around a lot.  I have lived in New Mexico, Virginia, Maryland, Seattle, Utah, Nevada, and Mexico.  I consider Las Vegas to be home and "where I am from" when people ask because we have lived there the longest out of anywhere.  I grew up with art.  My grandpa was a self-taught landscape painter.  My first love was drawing.  My sister and I would completely fill out large sketchbooks that my dad would buy us. I filled mine out much quicker than my perfectionist sister and I realised early on I was quick with my mind and hand with what I wanted to draw or create.  

F&A: When did you first start painting? Are you self-taught or did you study?

RV: I discovered my love for painting in my teen years.  My grandpa was the first to introduce me to an easel, oil paints, and a canvas.  I do consider myself a self-taught painter because the only lessons I ever got were from my self-taught grandpa. I have never taken a painting class although I am sure I will explore that option sometime in my future.  


F&A: What inspires you in your work?

RV: My husband is a duel citizen from Mexico.  The town he grew up in and which we lived in for 5 years together is called San Miguel de Allende.  It is BEAUTIFUL! The best word I can describe it as is addicting.  You can’t get enough of all of the colour, the culture, the cobblestone streets, and the artistic influence.  I am beginning to realize I have unconsciously drawn A LOT of my inspiration from my time living in that rich environment.  I am also really drawn to flowers. I think that will forever be apart of who I am.  Growing up my sister would even call me the "flower child." Now we live in Utah where nature is such a huge influence on my daily life.  So all together I gather all of my inspiration from beauty nature gives, the colours of Mexico and the nature around me, and what I feel when I paint those things that inspire me most.  

F&A: What is creativity to you?

RV: Creativity to me is freedom.  It is the ability to feel something and then create it without thinking.  It is a complete flow.  It is freedom of the mind that transfers into your work.  I believe it takes mental strength and discipline to be completely creative when painting or creating.  It is not caring what others think, it is not caring how others receive it, and it is not caring about pleasing everyone else.  It is what and who you are.  I think once you truly believe in yourself you can be totally free! That is creativity to me.  

F&A: How do you lead a creative life?

RV: Leading a creative life can be challenging because I am a mum of two.  My first and forever priority is them.  They are still young which makes painting or creating hard.  I always say, "nap time is happy time."  I think no matter how busy you are or how many children you have it is important to make that time to paint or create.  For me even if it is an hour a day, it brings that creative flow into my life and becomes a sort of therapeutic time. 

F&A: What are your hopes for the future? 

RV: I have big dreams and hopes for the future.  With the encouragement of my husband, I finally decided to start displaying and selling my art for the world to see in May of 2016.  And to be real and honest, it has been a very humbling experience.  I am still learning not to care how many "likes" or "comments" I get on social media, and to not focus too much on the "sales" I've made over the past months.  The exciting thing for me is that I only have room for improvement and growth.  Long-term my goal is to be a professional artist who inspires and uplifts people and people's homes with art. I hope I can do this as my occupation, as it is what I LOVE.  Over all I just hope I can become a better and stronger person because of it, and portray that feeling to others. 

See more of Rozslin's work on her etsy site: www.etsy.com/people/rozslinvelez

Follow her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/rozslin_boliv_art/

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