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Q&A with... Eden Silver-Myer

Q&A with... Eden Silver-Myer

Eden Silver-Myer is a fellow graduate of UCA Farnham. Her unique and beautiful jewellery designs are inspired by Greek mythology. Here we get to know her a bit better.

F&A: Hi Eden, tell us a little bit about yourself.
ESM: I love tea and stories and animals. I live and work in London, and am currently studying for a Masters in Curating Contemporary Design. 

F&A: How did you end up making jewellery?
ESM: I originally chose jewellery because I like tiny things, and loved the idea of making art that people could wear.
I did my degree in Jewellery and Metalwork and was amazed at this beautiful new world I found myself in. I worked in a jewellery gallery for a couple of years which was a real treat, being so close to so much work and meeting some really wonderful people. 
Over the years I have developed a brand which I think is very me; it reflects my interests and I feel like it even looks like me. I feel so happy when I finish making something and it looks like I've made it. 

F&A: How do you lead a creative life?
ESM: I just do my thing! We all look through our own lens at the world.

F&A: What does creativity mean to you?
ESM: Thinking freely and absorbing and questioning new ideas. I think also it's about not being afraid to get things 'wrong'.

F&A: How do you balance your work and your other creative outlets?
ESM: I moved out of my studio last year to bring my bench home, and now I can make jewellery in my pjs. 

F&A: If you could try any other job what would it be?
ESM: I’ve always loved the idea of working with textiles. That, or something to do with playing with dogs.

F&A: Who inspires you the most?
ESM: Lots of people inspire me in many different ways - whether it's tenacity, or creativity, or remembering to be on my own side. 

F&A: Describe your perfect day off.
ESM: Trackies and tea!

F&A: Do you have a favourite piece of art?
ESM: There are tons of artists and designers I really like the work of. 'Favourite' makes Van Gogh's The Starry Night spring to mind.

F&A: Can you recommend a good book?
ESM: I loved Sartre's Nausea. It was stressful to read in parts but really opened my eyes. 

F&A: What is your go to comfort food?
ESM: A big fat bowl of pasta. 

F&A: What are your hopes for the future?
ESM: To be happy in what I am doing.




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