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Creative Ways to Declutter your Space - Stacey Cooper

Creative Ways to Declutter your Space - Stacey Cooper

Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination
— Christina Scalise

The simplicity of life and its overwhelming beauty are living somewhere between your decision to be happy and all the clutter you’ve stored throughout the years; physical, emotional and mental clutter is what’s stopping you from living in harmony with the present and it’s finally the time to let go.

All while it may have a sentimental note to it, clutter is primarily one of the main energy clogs, stopping the healthy vibrations from circling through your home and ultimately – through your life. To find happiness, we need to find simplicity first – and to reach simplicity, we must learn to let go of (in)significant things, and live in the moment.


Getting rid of everything you don’t need is the first step in crafting the life you want; owning less is always better than organizing more – so, make a decision to divorce from everything that’s been suffocating your home and taking up your marvelous space.

To all of you creative souls out there, we’re landing a few very helpful tips that will aid in organizing your space and successfully removing the extras:

Take a day or two

A good idea doesn’t give a fruitful result unless its manifestation is on point; to actually take a step towards practical decluttering (without throwing away everything in plain sight and “starting over”), take a day or two to think about what - of all the items you’ve got around you - you actually (don’t) need.

Make lists: clothes, electronics, accessories, jewelry, furniture, dishes, etc. Once you’ve carefully divided the items, it’s time to conquer! Separate your listed items into three sectors:

-       throw away

-       storage

-       keep

Donate, often

Always remember that – what’s clutter to you may be someone’s only winter jacket. With that in mind, prepare all your usable clutter for donation:

- wash the clothes/footwear and donate to charity
- clean the furniture and donate it to homeless shelters
- dishes that are still functional can also go to shelters

If the clothes you want to give away are barely worn but you still don’t want them in your closet any longer, give them to your besties. They’ve been probably eyeing on those items, anyway!

The rest of clutter – goes to trash or recycling bins. Don’t even sweat it!

Rely on DIY arts and crafts

If you are creative, decluttering your space and coming up with ways to organize it will be heaven! Here are just some of the ideas:

Pattern Boxes

Boxes in various patterns can be a phenomenal segment of the interior and, at the same time, perfect storage space.

If you are into clean lines and shapes, go with the same size boxes you’ll place in visible interior spaces like the shelves, under the coffee table, under the bed, inside the end tables, etc. and fill them with items you (don’t) regularly use. As for those items used on a daily basis - make sure you place the boxes functionally, so you can easily pull them in and out when you need something.

You can also play with various box sizes and designs to give your space a quirky touch.

Another idea is to use a few big boxes for storage and find them a second use: they can pose as end tables, nightstands, or even coffee tables.

Use Vertical Space

Use all the precious vertical space (insides of doors and wardrobes) to store items that are narrow and create clutter. Use see-through nets for your items – it’s better to keep the contents visible.

Include Out-in-the-Open Storage

Not all storage options have to be stashed away behind closed doors and drawers; consider grouping same-size/type items in a decorative storage piece that will hang on the outside of your shelf, or closet to accent your chosen decorative elements in the room.


Rent a storage

Yes, we often tend to tie memories and emotions to pieces of items, but remember – no item (or person) has power until we give it. With that in mind, decide it’s time you remove everything you’ve got memories tied to but has been cluttering your space. If throwing/donating those items is hard, rent storage space and store those items there. A simple, yet very functional option is a mobile self storage that will help you store the extras, but still have them close by when you feel like going through the old memories.

See? Decluttering isn’t even that big of a deal as long you really commit to doing it. Good luck, and let us know how it went!

Written by F&A Contributor Stacey Cooper.

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