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Q&A with... Jahel Guerra Roa

Q&A with... Jahel Guerra Roa

F&A: Who are you and what is your day job?

JG: I’m Jahel, I’m a female Venezuelan photographer. I freelance and have a couple of regular jobs, I assist photographer Nick Ballon at his studio, I teach photography workshops through a creative experience company called FotoRuta, and the rest could be working on a commission, assisting others on shoots or dedicating my time and love to my personal projects.

F&A: How did you end up in that profession?

JG: It lured me in. Since I was 15 years old I was fascinated by photography, but it is until now that I can have the fortune of dedicating to it full time. 

F&A: How do you lead a creative life?

JG: It is a lifestyle, from the people you surround yourself with, to the media you consume and how you feed your mind and body, to the way you spend your time and the places you visit. I know that I need to have a tidy surrounding - clutter free (inside and out), I cherish my space and alone time, I cannot have bad hangovers, and I must certainly stay in touch with nature.

F&A: What does creativity mean to you?

JG: It is a never ending journey of self-knowledge, all humans crave it. I have also learned to appreciate the creative process and not just to think of the results, which also connects with embracing failure. Failure being a relative concept I’m coming to terms with.

F&A: How do you balance your work and your other creative outlets?

JG: I’m at a lucky stage that my work feeds my creativity, but I must always make sure I spend time with personal projects.

F&A: If you could try any other job what would it be?

JG: Sailor!

F&A: Who inspires you the most?

JG: Nature. As I always find something inspiring in a lot of people I meet.

F&A: Describe your perfect day off.

JG: Away from the city. Out and about in a village, hiking, taking photos, eating delicious dishes, meeting people, going for a swim in a lake or the sea, and then eating some more with good (or at least half-decent) wine.

F&A: Do you have a favourite piece of art?

JG: A song by Venezuelan folk musician Simon Diaz ‘Tonada de Luna Llena’ 

F&A: Can you recommend a good book?

JG: Right now I’m reading ‘Women who run with wolves’, is fitting perfectly with the project I’m sharing with you now.

F&A: What is your go to comfort food?

JG: Thai coconut curry (vegetarian). 

F&A: What are your hopes for the future?

JG: To live near the sea and still do photography, hopefully not having to have a side job unless is something I find that I like doing. 

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