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Q&A with… Angela Sairaf

Q&A with… Angela Sairaf

Angela Sairaf is a Brazilian photographer currently living in Spain. She has a PhD in Techniques and Processes in Imaging (Madrid´s Complutense University) and a Master of Contemporary Photography (EFTI). She has received three training scholarships at the International University Menéndez Pelayo where she studied visual poetry, creative processes of a reporter and the nature of photography. She has studied the relationship between photography and blindness and worked for over 15 years as a writer and photographer for Brazilian magazines. In the 90's she worked for a renowned modeling agency in Tokyo. She has received awards and participates in solo and group exhibitions in different countries. Sairaf frequently presents at conferences in prestigious schools of art and photography. Her work is part of the collection of MACRS - Contemporary Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. 

F&A: Who are you and what is your day job?

AS: It's been a long time since I stopped worrying about finding out who I am. I could simply say "We are" or "I am", but if people expect a complement, I can say I'm a photographer. Of course I am not my profession, but people usually get satisfied with this type of answers.

F&A: How did you end up in that profession?

AS: Quite naturally: My father was passionate about photography and I loved hanging out with him to shoot. He also loved to read, so we have always had many books and photo magazines at home. Also we traveled a lot and when we returned home, we were editing the photos together. When I was 6 years old, he bought a new camera and gave me his Ricoh. I loved the gift. Later, I bought a SLR camera and I never stopped shooting. Photography has always been part of my private universe.

F&A: How do you lead a creative life?

AS: Being open, relaxed and contemplative. Life is a continuous balance between what you decide and what you cannot decide. When I have the chance to decide something, I take my time and I do what I believe correct and more interesting or more original. I like to experiment and usually I don't worry too much if something can go wrong.

F&A: What does creativity mean to you? 

AS: I think that to be open to let flow different solutions or ideas is a nice way to live.

F&A: How do you balance your work and your other creative outlets?

AS: When I do something, I try to be focused on what I'm doing. In other words, I try to be present here and now. 

F&A: If you could try any other job what would it be? 

AS: I'm also curious to know this.

F&A: Who inspires you the most? 

AS: Those who are able to smile with their eyes before their mouth.

F&A: Do you have a favourite piece of art?  

AS: No. My heart is big enough to enjoy a variety! But every time I go to the Prado Museum, I stay several minutes in front of a painting: The Garden of Earthly Delights, by Hieronymus Bosch. It hypnotizes me.

F&A: Can you recommend a good book?  

AS: Sure! The Passion According to G.H. by Clarice Lispector.

F&A: What is your go to comfort food? 

AS: Lately, I`m in love with a salad I usually prepare. It´s easy and delicious! Arugula, red chard, red lollo or other leaves, celery, black olives, feta cheese, chicken, raisins, pepper, a bit of yogurt with hot curry and honey. And a detail which makes the difference: all food must be prepared with love.

F&A: What are your hopes for the future?

AS: What is the future? :D


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