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Photo Diary - New York City

Photo Diary - New York City


Taking the time to go and travel is something that I always cherish. When my family started planning our trip to New York they had no idea how long I’d dreamt of visiting the Big Apple.


New York is one of the most documented cities in the world and as such when we arrived it felt familiar. The hum of the traffic the buzz of 5th Avenue, and the skyline that is so iconic. The taxi ride from the airport to Manhatten was magical as we rode across the bridge and onto the island the concrete jungle loomed ahead, It felt vibrant and alive to be immersed in the city that never sleeps.


Some of the most memorable parts of the trip were the ones I least expected, exploring the Upper East Side neighborhood where we were staying, was one of the highlights to stroll around the streets and soak up the atmosphere and steer clear of the tourist traps such as Times Square. Our trip out to Queens to go and see a baseball game in the freezing cold and rain, the sheer enormity of Central Park and the stereotypical encounters with the New York locals. 

Our trip was unique in the fact it was raining most days, but we did not let that deter us from all the city had to offer, it made us view it in different ways, instead of walking we took the iconic yellow cabs, rode the subway and delved into unusual shops to take shelter from the rain. We took the opportunity to explore the cultural highlights of the city including the MoMA and the Met. And the sun did come out for us towards the end of our stay making the Highline one of the highlights as if teasing us, saying you should come back when the weather is warmer. 


These snapshots are only a brief insight into the most memorable of trips I have ever been on, and I long to have an excuse to go back and get to explore more of the wonderful city of New York. 


My sister at the Top of the Rock

A view from Central Park

Grand Central, East 42nd St

Downtown, East Village 

New York skyline

Wandering around the Upper Eastside

The streets of New York

Written by Olivia Newstead

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